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​ONT Management

The project is a part of family care ecosystem to develop the new household customers in a telecom application in Vietnam. ONT management encompasses various aspects such as internet usage control, device management, cybersecurity measures, and digital well-being.

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We interviewed 23 people who married to understand their requirements. ONT management also plays a vital role in enhancing productivity within the household. By setting boundaries on internet usage during study or work hours, we can minimize distractions and create an environment conducive to focused learning or professional tasks. Here it's a typical persona. 

personna 1.png
personna 2.png



We build the sitemap of ONT flow. We focus in entry point to user easily find in the application.

5 (5).png


UX/UI of ONT flow

Here some screens of ONT flow.

image 1.png
image 2.png
image 3.png



In this increasingly interconnected world where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, effective ONT management has become an indispensable requirement for families. By implementing appropriate strategies to control internet usage, manage devices securely, promote digital well-being practices,and educate about responsible online behavior we can ensure a safer and more balanced digital experience for all family members.

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